Friday, 26 December 2014

And one and two and... Go!

Well, Hello everybody

This part of the web is a small closet in which once you open it you might just steal a few glimpses of my mind and maybe more.

I've have always wanted to put a few thoughts out for others to see and to share familiar experiences and thoughts in which we all connect and understand each other.

This blog is an attempt to show (mostly to myself) that people who think as i do are not crazy.(or not)

Because if you are where you are and others reached that point just by following nature their consciousness and freedom. Just by following their self and instincts and love and passion and creation in all of its existence happy or sad... and even at that point where you know you that as far as you can see you really did nothing wrong aside from being yourself, if even there the world around you seems twisted and weird enough for you to believe you are crazy.


If being you makes you believe you are crazy then... i dare not know what doesn't make you so.

So this is an attempt to put all of these thoughts that make me feel crazy all so often out for show, with ass little discretion as possible and shout freely... THAT IS ME


That is not you, that is not what i should be, that is not what you should try to become nor to avoid, this is not even what you should try to understand to take the message and then become better! That is me, a small part of me at least, typed through silliness and immaturity hoping that one day i will wake up and not be crazy, ill wake up and see sense all around.

Wouldn't that be great?

I wish the best to all the people.

AB that C.Well..

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