Monday, 12 January 2015

Buzzing over a river and saw its reflection...

I wonder how much further in the path of knowledge have people really gone. Imagine that if as i am now, and as i was before i am to progressively understand deeper concepts of my unconscious mind mechanically and consciously, then by all probability there are people out there who are able to visualize my current mental state.  So, I wonder what an intelligent and quick of a mind should be to be able to do that, (without implying i am intelligent now), but on the premises that i have seen progress in me and thus i imply upon a gap between the conscious and unconscious and the ability to summon that mentality to be of use of the individual.

It really is mind blowing, or even better eye opening to see that even the cunning machine that operates us and goals us at all times, the thing that watches from all angles is just but yet another mechanism vulnerable as anything else. It is scary to see how easy to breach our unconscious self is.

Even more interesting though to all of this, is how all of this intelligence can be humbled by tremendously far more simple means of existence. Means of existence which might function in a simpler way but manifest more force. What i am talking about is an ability which tops intellectual capacity and reveals the power to manifest and collect consciousness in a form of not understanding things through analysis, but seeing the bigger picture of yourself operating in a system. Of not seeing the leaf, or the tree or the forest but all together in one picture functioning as an environment all together.

What i would like to honestly add to that after a very recent humbling i have had from a fellow bee(real bee), is that no matter how braggartly we monopolize that concept to our species, it is much possible for consciousness to be existing inherently in different levels to other species too.

Thus the manifestation of consciousnesses if one was to break it down to what it offer to its user one could actually say that it the upgrade of thinking. It overpasses analytically though
and integrates all of the environmental elements into existing patterns providing much quicker output if not insights of possible future happenings at least advantageous reaction abilities  to environmental changes. Ultimately providing with more time for consideration of best choice, or since talking about the practical action of consciousness, understanding the natural path of the next possible choice!

MUHAHAHAHAHA! Take that me of 30 minutes ago!

I.. think this might suit this text. Try re-reading while listening

Also, a very instructive talk which might reference some of my sayings. 

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